There are a lot of free / economical resources available on the web and The Pit either would not exist or would not look so cool, IMHO, without them. Here are the ones that are indispensable to me:

Accuweb Hosting
Woo Themes
• Library of Congress
• Photoshop
Spiral Graphics

Can’t thank them enough.
You’ve got to have a reliable ISP. They fill the bill for me.
Really like their Canvas WordPress theme used here. They have many other themes reasonably priced.
Most of the old images are found here.
Image touch ups, sepia effects, and graphics creation. (Not cheap, but does a lot!)
Their free Genetica Viewer was used to create seamless textures for the background.

Background music used in the slide shows: Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan and featured in The Matrix movie.